Owners/Artists: Andy Wenner, Cheri Wenner

Location: East Aurora, New York.

Phone: 716-655-4311

Clients: NFL, NHL, MLB, MLB Players Assoc., NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, NHRA, Harley-Davidson, Sony Signatures, Walt Disney World, Amphibious Outfitters, Kennedy Space Center, New Buffalo Shirt Factory, Human-i-Tees, The Beach Boys, Eerie Productions, Fear at Frontier, Scareworld, Lifestyle T's, Sturgis Bike Week, Complete Heat Inc, Armored Access, Ron Jon, Luminox, and Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Projects Include: AURORA ART COMPANY creates artwork for Posters, Program Covers, T-Shirts, Banners, Billboards, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Book Covers, Custom Auto Vinyl, Catalog Design and Layout, Coupons, Tickets, Point of Purchase Displays.

Our work has been featured in Airbrush Action, Screenplay, The Press and HauntWorld magazines and is sold around the world.

We are knowledgeable with printing techniques in process printing for poster/program covers and vinyl as well as process/spot color for textiles and therefore understand the transition from art to final product.

Our goals are to build a strong working relationship with you, our client, by creating stunningly intense graphics custom tailored to your needs. We strive to create timeless art while also being aware of current design trends.



1. In the early 90's Artist Andy Wenner and Dave Gardner, owner/ separator of Gardner Graphics, signed a deal to provide premium printed licensed T-shirts to Salem Sportswear.

2. Andy and Cheri Wenner exclusively provide artwork to Amphibious Outfitters, designing their t-shirts, catalogs and flyers. AO, was founded in 1996 and now sells 70% of the scuba diving t-shirt market world-wide.

3. In three years Andy and Cheri Wenner's artwork has sold over 750,000 t-shirts through the fundraising company Humanitees.

4. Creating for Walt Disney World and Cedar Point, Cheri and Andy's designs, "Millennium Force" sold an incredible 10,000 shirts in just 6 weeks and "Mickey Sorcerer" became Disney World theme park's top seller for that season.

5. Andy Wenner's Aviation art licensed to MasterPieces Inc. Puzzle Company.

6. Andy and Cheri Wenner currently design posters for the NFL Conference and Super Bowl Championships, NHL Stanley Cup Championships and also paint portraits and figures for the licensee of the MLB Players Association. Andy & Cheri Wenner have designed the NCAA's Mens & Women's Big Ten & Final Four Championship program covers, NCAA Final Four posters, College World Series posters, and Lacrosse Championship posters and program covers for the last six years. Andy and Cheri Wenner also create art for Frightworld and Amphibious Outfitters as well as for licensees of Ron Jon, Disney, Sony Signatures and Elvis Presley Enterprises.


All images ©2009 respective corporations/leagues and may not be used without permission.