A Sandwich for a monkey

Written and illustrated by Andy Wenner

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A Sandwich For a Monkey

A Sandwich for a Monkey is the first book by author and illustrator, Andy Wenner. 



Beautiful colors

Such a fantastic book for children. What I love most were the illustrations and the bright colors. It’s a great book for all.

Who doesn't like monkeys?

I purchased this book for my daughter and she loved it! she was all smiles and giggled alot, read it twice in 1 night and then again this morning, she enjoyed the pictures too.

Fun For All!

The book is awesome!!!!! The Brilliant colors...Fun illustrations... Poetic narration makes this a great book for children! They can easily participate in telling the story even if they can't read! Great job Andy! Love the book!😍👍💕

A Fun Book!

I love this book! The rhyming is good the illustrations are beautiful and it’s a cute story.