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HorsePower P-51 Mustang

Andy Wenner Art Print P-51 Mustang

P-51D "Old Crow" was flown by WW2 triple ace, Clarence "Bud" Anderson.  Flying in the legendary 357th Fighter Group, he claimed 16 1/4 aerial victories, flying 116 missions without ever being hit by enemy aircraft.

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Freedom's Guardian Angel

Andy Wenner Art Print Blue Angels

The Navy Flight Demonstration Team, the BLUE ANGELS have been flying the F/A-18 Hornet since 1986.  The Hornet is a dual role fighter/attack aircraft now serving on the nation's front lines of defense.

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On the Prowl Flying Tigers

Andy Wenner Art Print Flying Tigers

Flying for the American Volunteer Group, "Tomahawk '47" is depicted here piloted by Third Squadron Flight leader Robert T. Smith.  He is ranked 6th among the AVG with 8.9 aerial victories and author of "Tale of a Tiger".

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Cat From Hell F6F Hellcat

Andy Wenner Art Print Hellcat

Depicted is the F6F Hellcat "Minsi III" flown by Capt. David McCampbell, the Navy's "Ace of Aces." McCampbell was a recipient of the Medal of Honor and remains an aviation legend for 34 confirmed aerial victories, including a record nine in one mission, while serving as the commander of Air Group 15 in the Pacific theater during World War II. 

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Blackburn & Blackbeard Corsair

Andy Wenner Art Print Corsair

Navy Corsair ace,Lt. Cdr. John T. "Tommy" Blackburn C.O. of Jolly Rogers, Fighting Squadron 17 (VF-17) downed 11 Japanese aircraft.

VF-17 were known as the Skull and Crossbones squadron and "Blackburn's Irregulars" - having adopted the old pirates ensign of the Jolly Roger as the squadron insignia.

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B-17 Memphis Belle

Andy Wenner Art Print Memphis Belle

The MEMPHIS BELLE was the first heavy bomber in Hitler's European war theatre to complete 25 combat missions and keep her entire crew alive. 

This accomplishment was celebrated as 80% of the bombers were shot down during the first three months of America's combat flights over Europe.

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P-47 Wolfpack Attack

Andy Wenner Art Print P-47 Wolfpack

Col Hubert ‘Hub’ Zemke's 56th Fighter Group, the "Wolfpack," was credited with 665 aerial victories, leading all fighter groups in the European Theatre of Operations in WW2. Zemke himself had 17.75 confirmed victories in 154 combat missions.  This artwork by Andy Wenner depicts Zemke’s P-47.

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Samurai of the Sky A6M Zero

Andy Wenner Art Print A6M Zero Samurai

Japan’s most famous and most feared fighter aircraft, the Zero ran rings around other fighters in the early days of World War 2.  Depicted is Hirotoshi Nishizawa, Imperial Japanese Navy’s ‘Ace of Aces’, with a reputed ‘kill’ total of over 100 enemy aircraft.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears UH-1 Huey

Andy Wenner Art Print Huey

The medivac Huey named "Blood, Sweat and Tears" of the 1st Cavalry Division is depicted with the Vietnam War Memorial. The UH-1 Iroquois, better know as the "Huey" saw combat in Vietnam first as a troop transport and medivac helicopter and later as an armed assault helicopter used to protect troop transports.

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High Bomb Blast F-16 Thunderbirds

Andy Wenner Art Print Thunderbirds

The United States Air Force THUNDERBIRDS 

have been flying the F-16 since 1982.  

The THUNDERBIRDS' F-16's can be turned into 

fully combat-capable planes within 72 hrs.  Here they are depicted performing their famous maneuver, the High Bomb Blast.

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Voodoo Doll F-101 Voodoo

Andy Wenner Art Print F-101 Voodoo

The super-sonic F101 Voodoo was initially designed as a bomber escort fighter.  It became the first USAF fighter to arrive in the Vietnam war.  Their impressive speed helped them achieve a 35,000 sorties to only 39 losses record and also made them ideal for a reconnaissance role throughout the conflict.

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USS Ronald Reagan

Andy Wenner Art Print USS Ronald Reagan

The aircraft carrier CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan steams on as FA-18 fighters pay tribute by flying in the missing man formation. 

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Fearsome Phantom F-4 Phantom

F-4 Phantom

In 1972, Captain Ritchie shot down 5 Mig 21s to become the only USAF pilot ace of the Vietnam War. The F4 Phantom could reach speeds faster than Mach 2 and carry over 9 tons of missiles, bombs and nuclear weapons. Her Career spanned more than 30 years from her first flight off the USS Independence in 1960 to her final combat role in the Gulf War.

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Spitting Fire - Spitfire Mk.V


Depicted is 4th Fighter Group legend, Don Gentile flying a Spit Mk V in 1942. The 4th FG is the top scoring American Fighter Group of WW2 with 1,016 enemy aircraft destroyed. Don Gentile is the top ace of the 4th FG and is credited with 21 victories.

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Aviation Artwork by Andy Wenner

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Spitting fire - spitfire mk.v


by Andy Wenner

Depicted is 4th Fighter Group legend, Don Gentile flying a Spit Mk V in 1942. The 4th FG is the top scoring American Fighter Group of WW2 with 1,016 enemy aircraft destroyed. Don Gentile is the top ace of the 4th FG and is credited with 21 victories.